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Stress Management

This holistic programme goes beyond traditional Stress Management training and includes elements of team building, conflict resolution in the work place, executive fitness instruction and comprehensive healthy nutrition information that is easy to use.

The practical Relaxation Techniques provide tools that enable the participants to immediately feel the benefits of the training session. These techniques do not require the use of pharmaceutical agents to obtain desired results.

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Science of High Reliability

This training activity is intended for physicians and other health care leaders who wish to study human performance in complex systems.

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Customer Astonishment

This programme comes to you in collaboration with the Customer Champion Institute of MESA, Arizona. Hundreds of organisations around the globe have benefited from Cornerstone’s innovative methods for helping to redefine customer service for the 21st Century. The Customer Astonishment R-A-E-I principles have helped organisations move from conventional customer service to the new age of customer astonishment.

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Financial Control in Health Care

Among the wide array of problems and choices faced by Managers and Doctors in Financial and Administrative Charge in a healthcare and human services organisation are those that bear directly on the processes of accounting, finance, and management control.

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